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Kenny White

Kenny WhiteKenny White worked his way up the ladder from novice ticket writer to champion handicapper to CEO of Las Vegas Sports Consultants (LVSC) and now currently works as the Chief Operating Officer of Don Best Sports.

At 21, White’s exuberance earned him an entry-level ticket writing position in the legendary Santa Anita sports book on the Las Vegas Strip, where his talent for handicapping the NBA in particular soon became apparent.  At the young age of 24, White’s next stop was the Fremont Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas, where he held the position of Sport Book Manager for two years.

In 1988, Nevada Sports Executives was born, and for the next 15 years the company supplied some of the larger Las Vegas sports books with lines and information.  Meanwhile, White was also demonstrating his uncanny handicapping prowess, winning the famed Stardust Invitational in unprecedented back-to-back fashion, and setting a then-Vegas contest win percentage record of 69% in another highly competitive, locals-oriented tournament.

Along with a trio of noted local gaming attorneys, White purchased LVSC in November 2003, and his influence was almost immediately evident.  LVSC dramatically improved its’ technology and infrastructure, giving clients access to the individual game lines made by all eight of the company’s oddsmakers. Finally, in an example of his typically unwavering optimism and penchant for integrity, White reached one of his ultimate goals with LVSC, working in conjunction with professional leagues and collegiate organizations to help protect the sanctity of games in any and all sports.

Cantor Gaming purchased LVSC from White’s group in November 2008. White stayed on with the Cantor Gaming for 18 months to ensure a smooth transition before moving on to Don Best. He currently lives in Henderson, Nevada with wife Donna, sons Justin and T.J., nephew Jerahmie and daughters Savanna and Alexandra.