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Don Best Advantage provides the astute sports bettors a significant edge over the masses. Proprietary data powers our Team Supremacy rankings, profit and loss records, series investments, and premium predictions. Don Best Advantage is filled with exclusive information that can't be found anywhere else.

We are here to help you make informed betting decisions so that you can turn a profit. The data that is provided is ideal to help you make a play with confidence. We want you to understand how to use the data to handicap your games, make your own plays, and pick your own winners like the pros. If you don't have time to handicap games, don't worry our plays will help you take down the bookies.

Let’s start with this number: 52.38%, arguably the most important number in all of sports betting. This is the winning percentage you need to break even betting against the traditional -110 juice. Simply put, winning 53 out of 100 bets (assuming every bet is the same amount) will turn you a modest profit.

You must understand what we as sports bettors are up against. Understand that a winning percentage of 52.38% means creating the foundation for the development of a strategy to accomplish all of your sports betting goals.

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